Friday, June 6th, 2003: Stumpy, Deposed King of the Candy Trees

(waffle iron)
06/05/03 11:41:11 PM
by: regolith - mood: cooking
Ideally, I would be asleep right now... But it's the day after wednesday, so Matt made a script and I drawed it.

Tonight, I made some pizza dough from a Good Eats episode. It has to rise overnight, so I won't know if that was too much yeast or I put the water in the wrong way or what, but it smells like dough... so that's good, right?

Oh, yeah. I bought one of those Kitchenaid mixers Alton uses on the show... Gonna have to mix a whole lot of stuff to make it worth its while. Owel, since it can mash potatoes, it's my new best friend.

grah, sleep required.


Is That Cheese or Shreds of my Mouth?
06/06/03 08:18:40 PM
by: regolith - mood: big-headed
I guess I didn't use the right yeast (active dry?) or didn't leave it out long enough or something, so I couldn't stretch the dough to quite as wide a circle as I would've liked, and I didn't have a pizza peel or stone, so I had to use a simple cookie sheet, but, all things considered, it came out pretty well. Made a pepperoni pizza first and a plain cheese with extra sauce for sister Sara. The pepperoni one cooked up just great, but the cheese one got a bit burned on the bottom, and the cheese slid part way off the lake of sauce when I tried to slide it onto the plate... It also burned the roof of my mouth some, thus the title of the rant :)

All in all, I would repeat the experience. And will soon, since there's 2 more yeast packets and some pepperoni and plenty of flour. Next time, I think I'll just leave the dough out of the fridge until it gains the right size. Or just make breadsticks and melt cheese on them and dip them in the sauce... Infinite possibilities!

p.s. I guess I got the punchline from that old penny-arcade wrong in my head after all these years, but I likes it this way...