Friday, November 23rd, 2001: I am the comic masTAR

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Baby-Eating Rant Converter
2001-11-23 23:36:08
by: Baby-Eating Rant Converter

Sorry that the comic is so late. But I guess someone told you, our devoted readers, that you weren't even going to get a comic today, so it works out like a bonus. A tremendously late bonus. -_-

So this morning I woke up early and braved the "enormous" crowds of the horrific "Black Friday". Traffic was lighter and crowds were thinner than your average Saturday or Sunday around here. This is the first time that I can recall venturing out on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and I have to say I was underwhelmed. So after picking up my $5 copy of Anachronox from CompUSA I was off to Best Buy, where I got my $99 GeForce3, and my $50 60GB HD (thanks Anandtech!). Then I got some nice discounted CDs from Circuit City and came home. Thus ending my extremely exciting journey (and this extremely exciting story).

Wait. That doesn't explain why the comic was late. Well, I've been watching TNN's Next Generation marathon all day and forgot. Not nearly as exciting as my story of shopping heroics though is it?

So about that comic. This is the first time I've deigned to take on the art duties. Usually I force that other guy to take care of it since it's beneath me. But since he's no doubt gorging himself on turkey and enjoying quality time with his adorable little sister, there was little choice. And you can be sure all of that art is original.

The topic is one that's surely as near and dear to your hearts as it is to mine -- Halo obsession. Honestly, who has thought about much else since last Thursday? If you're anything like me the main theme runs through your head pretty much all day, every day. Especially at work. Especially at work.

Thus concludes the most boring best update ever. If you're good little boys and girls you might get a bonus comic this weekend. If not, you probably won't even get a comic on time on Monday. That'll teach ya.