Friday, September 19th, 2003: Eat Matt Day #12

09/19/03 01:28:22 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: normal
So tired... stopped playing MOO3 for the night a few minutes ago, when my laundry was done, and I had to make a comic. Matt didn't send a script, and he was offline for awhile earlier, so I had him be eaten.

Still on my nearly 3-week long game of MOO3. My empire is extremely strong, but the heavy foot of government has built to dizzying heights. I've switched my government to despotism to take advantage of the industry bonuses, but I don't think I'll ever be able to reduce my HFoG... It's at 2.5 now, so everything costs 2.5 times the base price. Also, nobody really likes me too much, so I've been trying to genocidally eliminate this one race (or at least take all their people and force them to join my empire), but the other race I'm in close contact with has a full military treaty with them and they keep befriending me and then declaring war. Owel, after my latest jump in technology, my Dreadnoughts can pound the snot out of the computer, but it takes forever to bomb a planet until all the people on it are dead. I could bomb its buildings to dust and then shuttle in some armored ground military to take over, but that's a hassle, so I just try that on the juiciest enemy planets in a system and then bomb the millions of people on the other planets until they leave forever. I was fighting a war on two fronts, but whenever I moved on, the Lenimui would just migrate back to the planet I had just cleaned, so now I'm focusing on cleaning out just the western side of my domain. They have some heavily fortified planets, but my ships will crush them soon enough.