Friday, August 2nd, 2002: We Want a Rock

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2002-08-01 23:33:14
by: regolith
Uhhhrrrr, set up this xml web service that lets anybody search their products, using either SOAP or an HTTP GET request, and get back the results in an easy-peasy XML format. This means that websites can push amazon's products (yet another way), and you can keep track of new/upcoming stuff that you're interested in, or you can steal amazon's database and make your own e-commerce website... whatever you want! XML RoX0rs!

Anyway, I made a little searchy thing in C# with a neato grid and it's neato and I only had to write a few lines of code to do it and it was neato. Yeah. Now I need to learn some more about XML and CodeDOOM and SAXY parX0rs!

If only I could get ASP.NET to work on DrF's servers...

Man, my mind is going. Stupid ice cream.

long live the DrF Stock Ticker! (that I haven't made yet)