Friday, November 29th, 2002: Eat Matt Day #6

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Eat, Turkey! I Command You!
2002-11-28 22:07:25
by: regolith
Welp, just a quickie tonight... hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, and I'll be playing metroid now... Ciao!


ICQ Messages, Rants, What's the Difference?
2002-11-29 19:12:28
by: apon

So, it was 'Black Friday' today. I actually made an effort to go to some of the sales this year, since there were no crowds at all last year. So, of course, I get to Best Buy and there's a line like 200+ people long. I didn't even get around to price-matching the on sale stuff I pre-bought, since they were checking people out in the customer service line, so it was like a 2 hour wait (best guess, based on how long it took last year). Plus Staples screwed me over by being out of free cd-rs and $10 cd-rw drives (destined to be a gift) by the time I got in even tho I was like twelth in line. And Circuit City made me realize that there have only been two decent pop albums released this year and I own both of them (Nirvana's Nirvana and Eminem's The Eminem Show). So I basically got up at 5am and went around in the freezing cold for a couple of hours for no reason at all. Hooray!

On the plus side, I was finally able to retrieve my CDJapan order from the post office today. :-) Spent the day listening to Yoko Kanno :-) :-)


2002-11-29 19:28:21
by: apon

Speaking of CDJapan, take a look at this. Somebody buy it for me for Xmas! (I can't possibly justify spending $50 for 30 minutes of anime to myself, no matter the pretty goodies...)