Monday, May 27th, 2002: Press Here to Win!

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Sadly, it worked
2002-05-27 20:24:39
by: apon

...Okay, so I had to press it multiple times before I got the victory screen, but SSBM delivers on Miyamoto's promise of "Press Here To Win!"

Next I'm looking forward to pressing that lovely big green button to win as Mario, Samus, and Link in their own games. It's nice to finally have a whole game company devoted to games that require no skill at all. Thanks Miyamoto!

I know this rant is a little short; don't worry, I'll be adding to it shortly if all goes according to plan...


...Or not.
2002-05-29 00:19:51
by: apon

When does anything ever go according to plan anyway?

On the way home from work today I realized that I've lived here for just over a year now. It's really pretty hard to believe; it seems like just a couple of months ago I was in Atlanta trudging my way through Tech. I can't exactly say I'm enamoured with the area or anything, but I guess overall things haven't been too bad. Looks like I'll be here for at least a while longer, though, as I've just taken a new job. Maybe things will change and something interesting will happen for once... Nah.

So, as you probably surmised from the comic, I am now the owner of a shiny new gamecube. The recent price drop finally gave mean excuse to get one, so I took it. Along with the cube I picked up Super Monkey Ball, Sega Soccer Slam, and SSBM. The Sega games are excellent, of course. SMB is a neat little puzzler; a bit on the easy side, but I have yet to take on the advanced courses. SSS is an incredibly stylish soccer game. I almost want to call the the NBA Jam of soccer games, but it's really a good bit deeper and more intricate than that. Much more appealing than FIFA if you just want to have a quick go of it. SSBM is another matter. I picked it up more or less on a whim -- I wasn't really impressed with the N64 incarnation, and I knew this one was also a button masher extraordinaire. I've been playing around with the training mode a bit since my first ridiculous run through, and while there's certainly more there than a single button, it's not much more.

On that note I bid you, dear children, adieu.