Friday, May 31st, 2002: (Definitely) No Comic

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All by myself...
2002-06-02 14:38:24
by: apon

Sorry today's 'comic' is so late. Justin mysteriously disappeared Thursday night before I could give him a script, and I've been busy. I didn't feel like doing the real comic, so you've got this instead.

Justin's family has dragged him off golfing(!) in Hilton head for the next week, and to some beach for another week after that. Supposedly we'll be pulling a role-reversal thing, with him doing the scripts and me doing the art during his vacation. His sudden disappearance doesn't give me much confidence in that, however.

As for Monday's comic, if I hear from Justin soon I'll have it up on time. If I have to do it all by myself, it's gonna be late.


Damn Bellsouth!
2002-06-03 11:59:12
by: regolith
So... Thursday night, I think, "Whoa, gotta do a comic tonight! So I went and did one and when I was done, my internet access died. Now, whether the comic was bad or good, you'll know in a couple weeks, I guess, cuz my connection stayed dead until we left on Saturday. It may be that when we told them to block all outgoing long distance calls (cellphone -> free long distance!) they also blocked our DSL... But I guess we'll find out when we get back. In the mean time, all south carolina access numbers for mom's work connection are long distance, and the 1-800 access number is unreachable from our room! So... I'm at the library today (monday), wondering if they have ssh, so I can read my email. I'll try to get back here on other days, so I can send apon scripts, but I've got nothing for today ^^;;
Let's hope for another genius Pants Guy Apon strip.